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Robbery, Stealing and Dishonesty

Robbery and stealing can be very serious offences and may result in an immediate term of imprisonment, particularly when it involves violence. However the scope of robbery and stealing offences range significantly.  

More serious cases where the value of the stolen property exceeds $10,000 will be dealt with in the District Court whereas less serious offences (eg. shoplifting) are dealt with in the Magistrates Court and often involve lesser penalties such as a fine or a community based order.

Generally speaking to prove this charge the Prosecution must show that the accused appropriated property belonging to another person and that they did so dishonestly with the intent to permanently deprive the other person of that property. Defences to this charge can include can include a factual dispute regarding ownership or an honest and reasonable mistake.

Fraud offences also vary significantly ranging from small monetary amounts to multi million dollar transactions. Serious criminal frauds often involve elaborate financial transactions and are therefore very intense in terms of preparation and investigation. More often than not defending such matters will require engaging forensic experts to follow the money trail.

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Armed robbery offences are dealt with in the Supreme Court of Western Australia. These matters are extremely serious and if convicted the penalties are severe and generally involve an immediate term of imprisonment

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