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Sex Offences

Sex offences range from non-consensual sexual acts (against both adults and children) to accessing, distribution and possession of child pornography. At Fisher Legal we understand these matters are extremely sensitive and our team of compassionate and sympathetic criminal defence lawyers will advise and represent you in a professional, respectful and confidential manner. Where applicable we will seek suppression orders to minimize the adverse impact on you and your family whilst the matter is being resolved.

Sex offences are serious and the penalties can be severe therefore it is essential your lawyer is experienced in this area of law. At Fisher Legal our team of criminal defence lawyers has more than 30 years of combined experience in dealing with matters of this nature.

If you require legal assistance with a sexual assault related charge or any criminal or traffic matter in Perth or regional Western Australia, contact our office on (08) 9328 2899 (Perth) or (08) 9129 4416 (Broome) for a no obligation appointment.


If you are convicted of serious sex offences your details will be available for public view on the WA Sex Offender’s Register. The website is divided into three tiers for different types of offenders. 

Tier one is for sex offenders who do not comply with their reporting obligations and the information available to the public includes a photograph, date of birth, physical description, name and known aliases. 

Tier two is for repeat or highly dangerous sex offenders and people can make a request to be given the photograph of an offender living in their postcode and adjoining postcodes. 

Tier three allows guardians to make a request regarding a specific person who has regular unsupervised contact with their child.

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